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#improCerti Werkstattkonzerte

#improCerti Werkstattkonzerte

The #freesolo project looks at the tension between autocracy and democracy, the balance between action and reaction, the balance between loud demands and careful listening. To this end, the Stegreif Orchestra scrutinises the solo concerto and the classical orchestral apparatus for its contrasting forms of conducting. Improvisation plays a leading role and forms the musical means of this project through the development of individual solo to collaborative group improvisations.

The first #improcerto is dedicated to the musical epoch of the Baroque. Stegreif explores the dense web of improvisation between harmony-determining basso continuo and virtuoso cadenza. The constant wandering of the melody in different instruments and voice groups is linked with the question of leadership and the distribution of roles in a solo. Last but not least, #improcerto 1 will also deal with current forms of improvisation in a symphony orchestra, as they form the starting point for the #freesolo project.

As composer in residence, the composer, pianist and improviser Noam Sivan will work with the Stegreif Orchester to develop a stylistic repertoire that is created in the moment and questions current musical practice.

Photo: Navina Neuschl


artistic lead
Lorenz Blaumer

Composer in Residence
Noam Sivan

project lead
Immanuel de Gilde

Next dates

Ab 20.00 Uhr


#improcerto 3

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#freesolo wird im Rahmen des Programms Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft gefördert durch: Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien sowie durch die Karl Schlecht Stiftung.



How do modern forms of leading and following work in the orchestra? #freesolo examines this using the musical genre of the solo concerto and develops a contemporary, collaborative work form.

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