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#freesolo - Workshops

#freesolo - Workshops

In its traditional form, the orchestra is organised hierarchically. Collective, democratic and collaborative work is usually difficult to realise in these structures and professional and young orchestras lack the necessary know-how. Since its foundation, the Stegreif Orchestra has been cultivating a collective musical collaboration and is now passing on this experience with the #freesolo project.

In improvisation workshops with 8 different youth orchestras, different improvisation exercises and practices merge with forms of collective soloing to form the symphonic foundation of an orchestra. Each workshop will be led by five impromptu musicians and a music educator who will work with the respective ensemble for three days, focussing on the requirements of each sound apparatus. The Stegreif Orchestra develops the teaching material used in several work phases with the improvisation and composition professor Noam Sivan. Different musical leadership models are artistically tested, adapted and aligned to the needs of the respective orchestras.

Bild: (C) Viola Schmitzer



The exercises and materials developed for the workshops will be published in an impromptu workbook, which will form the didactic foundation for clear, simple and meaningful exercises that build on each other when working with youth orchestras. This curated collection of working materials will also be available to the participating orchestras for long-term use and will help to spread the improvisation approach in music education.

About the project series #freesolo

#freesolo deals with these forms of social coexistence and asks the question of how these guidelines are implemented in music today. In the field of tension between autocracy and democracy, the balance between action and reaction, between loud demands and careful listening is considered. To this end, Stegreif questions the solo concerto and the classical orchestral system regarding its contrasting forms of leadership. Here, improvisation takes a leading role and, through the development of individual solo to collaborative group improvisations, forms the musical means of this project. Therefore the solo concerto is tested for its suitability for improvisation.

(C) Navina Neuschl


#freesolo wird im Rahmen des Programms Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft gefördert von: Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.